Erectile Dysfunction

Anywhere you go around the world, you will see men and women fond of smoking. Cigarette smoking is definitely rampant and for some men, it’s a symbol of manhood. There are men who are not so good at handling stress or pressure, that’s why they turn to cigarettes for a break. Cigars are fun for a time, especially when you smoke the occasional cigarette to relax and relieve your stress. Getting addicted to it may cause serious problems in the future though.

It is believed that women are more prone to diseases caused by smoking, but men will also lose something important to them if they don’t overcome their smoking habit. When a man smokes heavily, each cigarette he lights is a ticket to his worst nightmare which is erectile dysfunction. To get this kind of disease could also mean losing his masculinity.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the worst things that could happen to a man, he loses his ability to sustain an erection or his manhood will not erect at all. It’s not impossible because a man’s genitals erect due to blood vessels in it, and smoking causes great harm to the blood vessels.  When the blood vessels are damaged, erectness and firmness are two things that his organ will never achieve.

One of the systems that’s responsible for a man’s organ to erect is circulation, and this system is greatly affected when carbon monoxide fumes from cigarettes binds with the haemoglobin in the blood. When this happens, the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen reduces and the red blood count decreases as well. All these will not only affect the blood supply in peripheral regions, but it will also complicate the cardiovascular system of the person.

Imagine that the human body is a tree and all the organs inside are birds. Smoking is like throwing a rock at those birds, except that you don’t hit only one bird. You hit all the birds and the effect that it has to the tree is more dangerous and deadly. Horrible, isn’t it? You can prevent this from happening though, it’s easy. Quit smoking as soon as possible.