Stained Teeth

The smile is the best accessory anyone can wear anytime, anywhere. It’s an accessory that would suit any kind of outfit that you have, especially if you have shiny pearly white teeth to flash it with. You can also cheer someone up or even help a stranger brighten up their mood with a smile. Though a smile may be easy to share with other people, sometimes you’d be hesitant when your teeth are damaged and it has stains on it because you got it from smoking excessively.

Even the smallest part of your body is inevitably affected by smoking. The teeth consists of a porous material called enamel, it is much like a porcelain cup. Once the enamel has been recurrently exposed to substances that are stain-making, the stain will build up on your teeth. Cigarette smoking is the number one enemy of white and bright smiles because the tar and nicotine found in cigarette can turn white teeth into yellow.

There are two kinds of teeth discoloration: extrinsic and intrinsic. Intrinsic discoloration is a kind of staining that takes place deep within the teeth, and the primary cause of this is too much exposure to fluoride during childhood. Extrinsic discoloration is staining on the teeth that occur on the surface of the teeth. This is acquired when the person smokes excessively and he regularly drinks beverages that are caffeine-based such as coffee or cola.

There are still other reasons to consider when you’re teeth starts to get stained. Sometimes teeth discoloration is not always due to poor oral hygiene or any unhealthy habits. More often than not, you can also link this to aging.  When a person starts to get old, the teeth’s core tissue which is called dentin turns yellow. The enamel that covers the surface of the teeth becomes thinner that’s why the dentin is being exposed. Diet also plays a big role in staining the teeth. If we regularly consume food that is high in tannins, the teeth turn yellow in due course. You do not need stop eating your favourite foods, but it is best to cut back from food that can stain the teeth.

Smoking and smiling is cheap, but it’ll cost you your dental health as well and this is much more expensive than quitting the bad habit. Brushing your teeth regularly to maintain good dental hygiene is great, stop smoking to make it better.