Premature Aging

When we were still young, we want to get old quickly. Yet, the ones who are getting old wish to be young again. Have you noticed the advertisements on TV these days? They all talk about looking young and fresh. Keeping the skin clean to look young, age defying creams and other products that could make someone look young and blooming like they never aged. If the fountain of youth were true, I guess everyone would rush to go where ever it is, just to get young again. To live a long life and look young is what everyone wishes for themselves; but what if you smoke too much? This would hold you back from fulfilling that wish.

Premature aging is one of the inconveniences smoking can cause to a smoker. Although there are various reasons for premature aging, reasons like genes, stress or lack of exercise. Smoking is the number one contributor for this condition. Sure, aging is a natural biological process but when you smoke excessively, you help speed up this biological process making you look older for your age.

Smoking can undoubtedly lead to premature aging, you might not notice it now but there are already skin wrinkled on your face especially if you are the kind of smoker who lights up and smokes 10 cigarettes or more in a day. If you habitually do this for 10 years in a row, you are bound to look older than your batch mates who happen to be non-smokers. You will notice your skin starting to become deeply wrinkled and your skin has a thick yellowish tinge on your skin and it feels leathery.

Free radicals such as sun exposure, stress and environmental pollutants are also one of the common factors in premature aging. Smoking worsens it because if you keep smoking, your skin loses its youthful glow and it starts to show physical signs of premature aging such as the following:


  • Wrinkles. It is the high-flying sign of premature skin aging. This happens when the skin’s collagen and elastin breaks down. The skin has lost its elasticity and it begins to sag.
  • Liver Spots. This is also known as age spots, it appears like dark and discoloured patches that appear on skin that’s aging. This is commonly found on the arms, back of the hands, face, forehead and shoulders.
  • Tough, Leathery Texture. This happens to your skin when collagen and elastin are damaged and the skin appears like dry, rough leather.
  • Enlarged Pores. The pores appear larger due to the build up of dead skin cells around the pores.

Your skin ain’t the only thing that’s damage when you go through premature aging, but your ego as well. It’s sad when others age gracefully while you are stressing out because you look older and more stressed out than your peers. If you wish to look young again, exfoliate regularly and stop smoking.