Leg Ulcers

Our legs are one of the most useful body parts that we use every day. We use it when we walk to the store, climb the stairs or run with excitement as we sprint towards our loved ones for a hug. You may love jogging with your legs but you also love to smoke every now and then. So, what if one day, they were taken away from you because you have a terrible disease caused by smoking?

Leg ulcers are one of the horrible diseases that you can ever get when you’re smoking. Sometimes, you suffer from this if you are diabetic, but who would’ve thought you could also acquire this when you’re just a mere smoker? Almost all the parts of our body, whether internal or external, are greatly affected by smoking.

Leg Ulcers are complications in the body caused by neurological and vascular difficulties. It usually appears at the bottom of the sufferer’s feet, at the pressure points to be exact. Most of the time the victim feels it when there is poor circulation in their foot. Many of them eventually lose their toes just to keep the blood flow and the other toes alive. Other times, the smokers will notice their thinning skin and they’ll feel like they’re on the verge of losing their legs.

You will know that it’s leg ulcer when there is a form of a hole or crater on the leg and it is surrounded by damaged skin. There are three different types of leg ulcers: Neutrotophic, Arterial and Venous. Most of the time, the people who suffer from neutrotophic leg ulcers are diabetic. This disease is caused by nerve damage and peripheral artery disease. You will know if it’s neutrotophic when you feel numbing at the pressure points of your feet and toes.

Arterial Leg Ulcers are due to poor blood circulation instigated by the thickening of the arterial wall from plaque build up.  It is located in the lower leg, feet, heels and toes.

Last but not the least is venous leg ulcer. It is usually located in the area below the knee and above the ankle. This disease is caused by a pool of blood clots in a particular area due to inhibited blood flow.

Cigarettes cost very cheap, and eventually it will cost you more and this could mean your legs or your life. As early as possible, once should quit this risky habit and protect your health. Save your legs from getting leg ulcers because you keep on smoking, it is wiser to quit while you are ahead.