Sleeping is one of the best activities or hobbies that most of us love to do. When we sleep we are able to rest and recharge from a long day at school or at work. A person should be able to sleep for at least 7 hours and maximum of 9 hours. If you weren’t able to get enough sleep, you may suffer for the rest of the day. There are a lot of reasons why a person is not able to sleep, or get enough of it. Most of the time it’s because of lifestyle, and sometimes it has something to do with the person’s health.

Unhealthy habits are one of the major factors why a person is not able to get a good night’s sleep. Smoking can cause insomnia to a smoker who puffs a cigarette regularly. Insomnia is a condition that affects the person’s ability to fall asleep immediately. When someone is suffering from insomnia, they are usually the ones who are less productive at work; they aren’t able to enjoy life because they always feel tired. People who have insomnia are called insomniacs, and due to lack of sleep they eventually get sick because their health has deteriorated. In due course, the insomniac will experience habitual negative feelings and mood swings are violent. Though, this state can be treated through changing behavioural patterns, taking medications and therapy or even combine all three.

Quitting smoking can be very beneficial for the smoker, it lowers your risks in getting diseases in the future, you are able to regain your good health and you are also able to sleep well. Here are a few things that a person will go through when he is deprived of sleep:

  • Reduced concentration. You cannot focus on your tasks or even in your conversation.
  • Fatigue. You always feel endlessly tired.
  • Impaired problem solving skills. You cannot think straight and you are not able to come up with solutions or ideas when needed.
  • Dizziness. You may experience or feel dizzy all of a sudden.
  • Memory problems. You become forgetful and absent-minded.


Sleep is something that we take for granted sometimes because you know you can always do it if you want to or you can just take a cat nap anytime. Sleeping at night is still best for you and your health, if you just quit the smoking habit, it may be better to do some exercise to prevent insomnia.