The hair is known as every person’s crowning glory. Men and women style it in different ways that fit their mood, their fashion sense or the occasion that they’re attending to. The hair is part of the integumentary system, and it is one of the factors to determine a person’s beauty. More often than not, we develop an emotional connection to our hair. Just imagine the amount of time we consume styling it, taking care of it, worrying about it, primping it, coloring it because it has served as a significant adornment for us since the dawn of time.

Even if we take good care of our hair, we are still bound to lose it if we don’t look out for our health. Hair loss is inevitable, and we unavoidably lose 100 strands of hair every day. Yet, smoking also contributes to excessive hair loss. The nicotine that a cigarette smoke contains can raise a person’s blood pressure, and this can also cause the adrenaline levels to shoot up. When adrenaline levels have increased, the heart beats faster, the body will become stressed of its environment and growth of healthy hair will be inhibited.

Carbon monoxide is also another chemical agent found in cigarette smoke, it is also one of the factors for hair loss. When the person gets to inhale carbon monoxide, the oxygen in the blood decreases and it constricts blood flow. Once the blood flow is constrained, the hair will not be able to retain its moisture and it’ll start to shed off without new hair growing.

When cigarette smoking is the main reason for your hair loss, the most effective way to avoid this is to stop smoking. To quit the habit may be a hard thing to do, but this needs to be done to prevent losing more hair. Once you’ve stopped, it is best to engage in sports or any exercise that can increase your heart rate and help boost your circulation. Taking vitamins and other mineral supplements are also helpful in supplying nutrients to your cells, your hair and your body as well.

Our hair makes us look good, especially if it’s healthy. Yet, if we are not able to take good care of it, it wouldn’t be long before we go bald. Stress and unhealthy habits are mostly the cause of alopecia, staying happy and healthy is essential for preventing this to happen. So, exercise and live a stress free life to avoid hair loss.