To Cough or Not To Cough

Being sick from colds or fever are few of the reasons why we catch our self coughing sometimes. Coughing may seem normal; it is often just a reflex to clear the throat and airways. Yet, many of us don’t know that it could also be one symptom of a dangerous disease. There is this little known condition smokers go through, it’s called smoker’s cough. Apparently, the cause of this doesn’t need to be questioned anymore as it is directly caused by smoking.

Smoking is the leading cause for the smoker’s cough. It’s an illness that bothers the sufferer most of the time. People who regularly smoke put up with this constantly every morning.  Smoker’s cough is said to be bothersome and very annoying to the person who is suffering from it. This occurs when the small fibers inside the trachea and bronchial tubes are damaged. These tiny fibers are better known as cilia. The cilia help in excreting phlegm out of the respiratory system.

With a cigarette smoke, the cilia can easily be damaged. When this happens, toxins are brought in the system and these pollutants aid in the phlegm’s build up. Although the cilia have the capability of repairing itself during the night, the smoker still has to cough terribly to send out the phlegm that has already built up inside the respiratory system. Yet, if the smoker continues to keep smoking, the cilia will be damaged for good and this could lead to other kinds of lung disease that is much worse.

You will know that it’s a smoker’s cough when you throw a morning coughing fit. That is the number one tell-tale sign caused by a surplus of toxin and mucus that stocked up in the system overnight. At this point in time, the cilia may have already been damaged as it was unable to remove the phlegm like it was supposed to. This may seem like a manageable health issue but the main danger of this disease is its ability to cause infection inside the respiratory system.

A smoker’s cough may seem harmless for a time but it could get worse if you continue to smoke. If you have a sneaking suspicion that you have a smoker’s cough and you continue smoking, it is best if you set a check up with your doctor and find out if your cough is still treatable. The best way to prevent this from becoming worse is to quit the habit, don’t light and puff another cigarette.