Emphysema: A Life-Threatening Disease

“Smoking is bad for the health”, this reminder isn’t new to us but many of us find it hard to stop. Some smokers get to a point where they choose their health and decide to quit smoking. Yet, the cravings become stronger as time passes and most of them end up giving in to these urges. Physical cravings are easy to overcome, but the psychological cravings are the hardest part in kicking the habit. If the smoker fails to disregard his desire to smoke, he is likely to get diseases caused by his smoking habit.

Emphysema is one of the medical maladies that smokers suffer from in the long run. It is a lasting, untreatable disease of the lung which is directly caused by smoking. You will know that you have emphysema when you have trouble exhaling enough air out of your lungs. This may sound like asthma to you but it is entirely different. Emphysema is more critical than asthma because the moment it has already been detected, you can be sure that it has already damaged your lungs by a long way.

Emphysema is touted as a silent killer by some. You are able to identify it when the lung's tiny air sacs, begin to disappear. Some air sacs combine and form large spaces, the alveoli loses its flexibility which is mainly the reason why the air becomes trapped inside the lungs. The sufferer will feel like he is being drowned slowly, this is due to the victim’s inability to breathe properly. This happens when the lungs loses its ability to transfer oxygen to the blood and remove carbon dioxide as well.

This lung disease may be inherited through genes, but this happens rarely. Most smokers fall ill with emphysema as early as 30s or 40s, though most of the time it strikes its victims at a much older age like 60s or even later. The sufferers who acquired emphysema through inheritance, the effects are grave as it threatens to strike at the victim’s life any time.

Emphysema is a disease that’s irreversible, and the leading cause of this disease is smoking and nothing else.  Although getting emphysema can be prevented, this is possible if the smoker avoids chemicals and dust that cause it or simply just stop smoking.