Women And Heart Disease

Women are delicate creatures, they are gracious and loving. They are the people who we expect to take care of us, like our mothers or elder siblings. Women are the ones we look ahead to in the field of tender, love and care. Yet, smoking provides exemption for no one. Nowadays, even women smoke heavily as much as men. Believe it or not, women who smoke are aware of the dangers that smoking can bring to them but they do not seem to mind.

Women are more prone to acquiring heart diseases than men. It is the primary cause of death in women. Some of the symptoms of heart disease are pain in the back, jaw, nausea and vomiting, short of breath or heart attacks. Smoking can cause heart disease especially when the risk has already developed at an earlier stage in life. Other reasons for acquiring heart disease include diabetes, inactivity, obesity, birth control pills and high blood pressure.

Women are estrogen-powered creatures; estrogen is responsible for their feminine behaviour and other physical characteristics. It aids in the distribution of fats in favourable places like the hips, buttocks and the breasts.  Due to these hormones, women are likely to receive more carcinogens and toxins through smoking. Even just inhaling second-hand smoke will make them more susceptible to dangerous risks caused by cigarette smoking.

Estrogen is also responsible for making and keeping the heart and blood vessels healthy. When the woman is going through a menopause, her estrogen levels drop down. This is part of the reason why diseases are magnified when the woman grows old. Yet, heart disease and all the other kinds of illnesses can be prevented through closely monitored diet, exercise and healthy food choices.

There are many tell tale signs that a woman should take heed of when they suspect that they may have acquired heart diseases. The symptoms are like the following:

·         Inexplicable feeling of constant fatigue

·         Shortness of Breath

·         Problems with digestion

·         Cognitive issues

·         Change in the sufferer’s Sleep Patterns

·         Chest Pains strike suddenly

These maladies may not reflect yet while we’re still young, then again we should start practicing how we can maintain our wellbeing and keep a healthy heart. Staying in shape is always part of the option, but to stop smoking is a must! So, quit that bad habit for good and live a healthy life!