Coronary Heart Disease

There are millions of people all around the world that has already been hooked with smoking. You might often find yourself wondering why these people are so fond of smoking. Everyone has their own reasons for smoking, some do it for social purposes while others smoke to relax and unwind. Even if smoking is dangerous, smokers can’t easily say goodbye to this habit. To quit smoking will be helpful for them to maintain good health, but if they still continue with this risky behaviour they are sure to end up with a sickness they’ll soon regret.

Different kinds of cancers can be acquired with smoking, but did you expect that you can also get heart diseases as well? Coronary heart disease is an illness that’s primarily caused by smoking. According to Centers of Diseases Control, or CDC, most deaths in the United States are caused by heart diseases. How did this happen? Simple, for every cigarette stick that you light and puff earns you a ticket closer to getting heart attacks and heart diseases. As a matter of fact, if you are able to consume a pack of cigarettes a day, you give yourself the highest possibility to acquire risks and diseases by two-fold.

Inhaling smoke from a cigarette; evokes immediate reactions to the heart and the blood vessels. The moment you start smoking, your heart rate increases by 30% in the first ten minutes. This also results to the constriction of your blood vessels, a rise in your blood pressure and these things pushes you heart to exert extra energy in carrying oxygen.  The bloods ability to transport oxygen lessens due to the carbon monoxide content found in cigarette smoke.

The biggest factor that contributes to coronary heart disease is in fact cigarette smoking. The smoker who smokes more often increases his chances of suffering from this dreadful disease by two to three times. Other factors that serve as a factor for coronary heart disease are high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels. The smokers who are most likely to suffer this illness are male under the age of 45. If you have already reached past that, you’re lucky but not quite.

The heart is one of the most important organs that we have to take care of and keep healthy. If you keep smoking, you also put your wellbeing in jeopardy. To have a healthy heart, just put out that cigarette and stop smoking.