The Manifestations of Throat Cancer

Smokers are one of the people who are susceptible to suffering the worst kinds of diseases in the future. The most common diseases caused by smoking are emphysema, lung cancer and a lot more. Although these illnesses can be treated, the best way to take care of your health is to quit all the vices, especially smoking.

Throat cancer is one of the deadliest diseases caused by smoking, and smokers have the utmost potential in acquiring this illness. This type of cancer can be tricky because the symptoms aren’t noticeable. The warning signs of throat cancer are mostly mundane like a headache, nosebleed or difficulty in taking a deep breath. While some are internal like unexplained swelling in the throat area and tooth pain.

Smokers who also drink alcohol almost all the time or at least, numerous times are the ones who have the highest possibility to acquire throat cancer. If you often find yourself suffering from a sore throat or having a hard time swallowing; you feel a lump in your throat and your voice is hoarse or it changes from time to time. These may be early symptoms of throat cancer.

A cigarette smoke contains total of 4,000 chemical agents; when you smoke the chemicals enter the smoker’s mouth and throat. That’s why the throat will directly be affected. Cigarettes have tar which causes stains in the smoker's teeth and fingers. Tar contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which is extremely toxic.

Even though you are not a smoker, you are still susceptible to throat cancer through second-hand smoke. The second-hand smoke contains carcinogens, and non-smokers are able to inhale the smoke from someone who is smoking in his surroundings. A cigarette that has just been put out around a non-smoker can also contribute to his chances of getting throat cancer in the future.

There are different types of throat cancer, the parts that are affected such as nasopharyngeal and laryngeal fall under cancer of the voice box. There is another type of cancer which is classified as cancer of the vocal chords, which affects the isoropharyngeal, hypopharyngeal and glottic cancer.

The throat is one of the most important parts of the endocrine system. Imagine the kind of suffering one can get if they have throat cancer. A lot of things will be compromised such as your ability to communicate and even swallow food. So, save your throat and save your health, quit smoking once and for all.