Kidney Cancer

Our habits are part of our everyday routine. Smoking is one of the habits that we are accustomed to. Millions of people around the world are smokers; they get hooked because each cigarette stick gives them inexplicable pleasure. Is it really the pleasure that they are after? Or are they just addicted to it and they’re in denial? Regardless of their reasons, smoking can be fun at one point but the fun that it gives the smoker will lead them to their nightmare in the future.

Smoking can cause incurable diseases for the smoker. One of the deadliest illnesses that one can get from this risky behaviour is kidney cancer. Smoking aids in the development of cancerous cells in the kidney. Smokers are known to be prone to this kind of disease, when smoke is inhaled from one puff of the cigarette directly affects the lungs and the kidney.

For every cigarette the smokers puff, it contributes to the progression of the cancer cell on the surface of the kidney and the lungs as well. Most sufferers of kidney cancer go through symptoms like high blood pressure, obesity, long-term dialysis, Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome (VHL) or even worse like occupational cancer contraction.

If you are not a smoker, that doesn’t mean you are excused from this disease. Non-smokers may also have a chance to get kidney cancer through second-hand smoke. The smoke that a non-smoker inhales contains thousands of chemical agents, these chemicals known as carcinogens contribute to the growth of cancer cells in affected organs inside the body.

There are three different kinds of kidney cancer. The first type of cancer is renal cell carcinoma; you are able to identify this because it usually starts in the lining of the small tubes that filter the blood in the kidney. The second kind of cancer is called wilms tumor, this one is usually detected as early as the age of 5. Renal pelvis carcinoma is classified as the third type of cancer; this disease starts in the center of the kidney where urine is collected before it is transported to the bladder.

Smoking damages a lot of organs in our body, and the worst part is it causes impairment to the most important parts of our body. Our kidneys have a significant function in our daily lives, without it we are not able to excrete toxins and waste from our body through urination. To prevent it from being affected, we must take care of our health. To do this is simple, just quit smoking for good.