Bladder cancer

Who would expect that a habit as enjoyable as smoking can cause numerous diseases that prove deadly to our existence? A cigarette stick may seem harmless, but the contents inside it are toxic. The smoke may seem like a risk-free cloudy air floating before your eyes, or under your nose. These things that look mundane are actually the things that bring the most destructive illnesses to mankind. The smokers are not the only people who get affected, but the non-smokers as well.

Second-hand smoke contains carcinogens which affects the non-smokers who are able to inhale it. Once the smoke enters the person’s system, it could have an effect on the organs in the body. One of the organs influenced by smoking is the bladder, and when the cancer cells have already progressed the smoker may suffer from bladder cancer.

How? The carcinogenic chemicals that come with inhaled smoke damages the cells in the bladder. Through early detection, the chances of bladder cancer being cured is high and it can be prevented if one ceases smoking. Smoking regularly and heavily will aid in the rapid progression of the cancer cells. This condition exacerbates as the smoker gets older, and most of the smokers who suffer from this are men.

Out of all the types of cancer that could strike the smoker, bladder cancer is the fourth most common for men. As for women, it falls under the 9th spot of the customary cancers that hit women. There are a total of 50,000 men and 16,000 women who gets diagnosed with this disease. The reason for men to gain a higher chance in developing this illness is due to their androgen receptor. If you match these androgen receptors with long-term habits of smoking then consider yourself a ticking time bomb.

The symptoms of bladder cancer are hardly ever noticeable, but when you see blood with your urine this only means you are already a victim of this dreaded ailment.

Bladder cancer may not sound too common to many of us, but its influence on our health is highly dangerous.  We should cherish our health as much as we treasure our lives; overcome the habit of smoking for a healthy and happy life.