Health Risks Of Smoking

For the longest time that we have lived in this world, we have already acquired and followed a behavioural pattern that has become involuntary for us. These things are what we recognize as habits. Some may be good, some are bad and some are dangerous; namely smoking. Studies show that out of five deaths, 1 person’s death was associated to his smoking habits. Once you start to light and puff a cigarette, you are unknowingly putting your life on the line when you don’t stop smoking. It has been reported that smokers have lower mortality rate than non smokers, they usually die 13-14 years earlier than people who do not smoke. It is preventable though, so it is only practical to quit smoking since prevention is always better than cure.

Every one of us knows the dangers of cigarette smoking, and yet people still can’t seem to get enough of it. For us to gain better understanding of the risks that we will get if we don’t stop smoking; here are some of the health threats that smokers are susceptible to.


Cancer is the scariest health risk that anybody can have, most of the time this kind of illness is hereditary but you can also get this when you’re a smoker. Smoking increases your chances of acquiring lung cancer, and according to the American Lung Association; about 90 percent of people who died with lung cancer were smokers. Cancer of the mouth, esophagus, pancreas, bladder and stomach are some of the health risks that you may get if you don’t quit smoking. Once the smoker decides to quit, he is able to reduce his chances of getting these types of medical maladies.

Cardiovascular Diseases

If you are able to check the list of diseases that cause death, cancer is on the number two spot but cardiovascular diseases own the top notch. It is known to be the leading cause of the death in the United States namely coronary heart disease. Smokers are more likely to get these cardiovascular risks since smoking is recognized to be the direct cause of coronary heart disease. Most of the people who have suffered from stroke are found out to be smokers, and people who smoke are prone to peripheral vascular disease as well.

Lung Diseases

The most common disease of the lung is cancer but if one is a smoker, you are also susceptible to other disease like emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder or COPD. Both diseases are caused by smoking, although sometimes non smokers are also prone to these ailments, yet the people who are likely to suffer these diseases are smokers and that is according to the Centers for Diseases Control.

Smoking And Your Reproductive Health

Would you believe that smoking also has an effect in the smoker’s reproductive health? Yes, it has; especially on women. Smoking has caused infertility problems on women and it could also be one of the major reasons for miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, low-birth weight or sudden death of the infant inside the mother’s womb. Men are also affected by smoking since it  could also be the cause for erectile dysfunction.

Dangers For Non-Smokers

Non-smokers should still be on the lookout for their health, since second-hand smoke can give them the same diseases that smokers get from smoking. Second-hand smoke contains carcinogens which is harmful to us. Non smokers are affected by carcinogens the same way cigarettes affect the smokers. Since second-hand smoke stays in the air for hours, the non smoker is still susceptible in getting the same diseases that the smokers get.

Smoking is a hard habit to break, but our health is the most important treasure that we have to take care of. One of the best ways for smokers to kick the habit for good is through EFT. With this method, smokers will be assisted in overcoming their smoking habits as soon as possible.